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Jhanvi Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness Center - Haridwar

Jhanvi Yoga Ashram in Haridwar, India

Jhanvi Yoga Ashram is situated in Haridwar, Uttarakhand near river Ganga. The ashram is spread across a few acres of land beautiful location adjacent to the national forest. Jhanvi Yoga is known for its mission to save and shelter indigenous cow (desi cow). With number of Gaurakshashala (cow protection and shelter home) across the country, Jhanvi takes care of the cows who are abandoned by their owner or sick and cannot be milked anymore. Gaurakshashalas in various states of India make sure that cow have enough natural pasture to live and roam around, wholesome food is available according to the season, doctors are available for sick and injured cows and Gopalas (cow servers) are available onsite full time to take care of them.

Apart from this, Jhanvi Yoga is now a known name for Yoga and Ayurveda practices. A number of University courses, for e.g. Masters, Diploma and Certificate courses in Yoga are conducted here. All the courses are affiliated by Uttarakhand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya which is a UGC university.

Jhanvi Yoga also conducts 200 hours residential Yoga Teachers Training affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA. A number of Yoga and Ayurveda residential retreats and treatments are offered under the guidance of experienced Ayurveda doctors and therapists. Treatments are more focussed on Women’s health and post-COVID recovery through Yoga and Ayurveda.

Haridwar - A Home to Several Yoga Ashrams in India

Haridwar is known to be a place where several rishis and maharishis mediated, including the seven great sages or Maharishis as well as Bhima of Mahabharat fame and King Vikramaditya’s brother, Bharthari. It is no wonder then that Haridwar is home to ashrams which mainly specialise in teaching yoga and meditation. Many people come to Haridwar to learn yoga and meditation or for therapeutic Ayurveda treatment. Haridwar is an ideal place for you if you wish to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit and want to infuse yourself with renewed energy. A stay at one of the Yoga and Ayurveda centres is likely to revive you and restore your slackening spirit. Haridwar also has a long history of being a centre for Ayurvedic treatment and herbal remedies.

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Ashram Stay at Jhanvi Yoga in Haridwar for Spiritual Experience

Abhayaranya Yoga Ashram - Rishikesh Yogpeeth

In early 2020, Rishikesh Yogpeeth and Jhanvi Yoga Ashram came together with a vision to spread Yoga and Ayurveda awareness and help people with chronic issues, modern lifestyle stress, and elevating the quality of life by leading healthy and spiritual life. The current courses on offer are combined effort of Rishikesh Yogpeeth and Jhanvi Yoga where both have brought forward their strengths and designed multiple courses and retreats under the guidance pf our very experienced Ayurveda doctors, Therapists, Yoga teachers and Spiritual Guru.

About a Yoga Ashram where it all Started

Rishikesh Yogpeeth is a Yoga School in Rishikesh, situated on a hill. With more than a decade of experience in Yoga and Spiritual journey, more than 10,000 students from across 120 countries has learned Yoga from Rishikesh Yogpeeth. Rishikesh Yogpeeth has successfully conducted hundreds of Yoga Teachers Training (200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours) certified with Yoga Alliance US. Diving deep into Yoga and Ayurveda, Rishikesh Yogpeeth has designed multiple retreats and health elevation programs with age old wisdom.

Post Covid Ayurvedic Treatments in Haridwar

Haridwar is Renowned as a Spiritual and Religious Town

Haridwar is a sacred pilgrimage centre for Hindus as numerous legends and beliefs are attached to the town. The very name itself – Haridwar- invokes religious and spiritual feelings, as it is considered the doorway of Hari or Lord Vishnu. At the same time, there are many who believe that it is also the doorway of Har or Shiva. In fact, Haridwar is the gateway to the Char Dham - Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri, which are the four major pilgrimage centres for Hindus.

Har ki Pauri
Har ki Pauri - Haridwar

In Haridwar the main pilgrimage site is Har-ki-Pauri, which literally translates to "footsteps of the Lord". Lord Vishnu is said to have left his footprint on the stone that is set in the upper wall of Har Ki Pauri, where the Holy Ganges touches it at all times. Har ki Pauri is the main bathing ghat on the River Ganges.

It is here at Har ki Pauri that the evening prayer or Aarti is performed for Goddess Ganga every day. This is an enchanting ritual and when in Haridwar you simply cannot miss this spectacle of sound and colour and spirituality. The sight of lighted diyas or oil lamps that are ritually floated in the river after the arti, in memory of ancestors, will definitely mesmerise you.

Haridwar is a mythological town
Haridwar has many temples
Modern day Haridwar

How to Reach Jhanvi Yoga Ashram in Haridwar

Jhanvi Yoga Ashram is situated in Haridwar and is conveniently accessible by road for private conveyance. You will also have an ample availability of public transport like auto and e-rickshaw to reach the ashram.

Nearest airport is Dehradun and train station are Haridwar and Rishikesh. You may reach the ashram by taking taxi from the airport and/or station. We are happy to book taxi on your behalf provided you reach out to us in advance to share your travel itenary. The taxi fare will be by the guest.